Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is Friendship?

So what is friendship? These days it gets harder and harder to find a great friend. Highschool seems to change a lot of people,a lot stray from Christ. Forgetting who they used to be, and loosing site of God. Now if your like me and your really outgoing and crazy at times well then its not as hard but still kinda hard. A great place to make friends is at a youth group **cough cough CRASH! :) or even in clubs at school.
     See when we were in kindergarden we had it easy. Our friends were everybody in our class or the person next to you at lunch who would share their coookies with you when you didn't bring any. Hah. Then when we were about lets say 10, our friends were the people who we could hang out with outside of school or even our parents friends children who had really awesome toys and you loved going over there to play so that's when you called them your bestfriend. But, as you get older and  more mature you realize that you can't just be friends with someone because they have sweet toys and that you need friends that you can get along with and have the same interests or even the same religious views which let me just say its awesome to find that. But again not always easy. So just keep in mind that your not the only one who wants true friends. 

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  1. Good friends will help you through...for sure. And I think its amazing how our definition of friend develops over the years through our actual friend experiences!